For anyone who is not visiting this site for the first time...You will notice a lot of changes. In the past, most of my photography was what is referred to as "Foxhunting Photography". What that means is that I would follow foxhunters around trying to get saleable photos of them doing what they love. I have been fortunate enough to have some of my work used in several calendars and magazines as well as published by Baily's Hunting Directory.

Photography can be done for documentary purposes (like my previous specialty) or for more artistic pursuits. About 10 years ago I became involved with a photo club and developed an interest competitions. This has led to expanding my subjects to wildlife, macros, landscapes, and creative types of images. In 2019,I dedicated my year to developing as an artist and truly exploring the creative ART of photography. Although I continue equine photography, I now spend more time in creative pursuits, from attending lectures and workshops by other artists, to leading workshops myself as a way to inspire others (and myself at the same time).

Most recently, I have concentrated on expanding my skills in landscapes, wildlife, and fine art photography. Some of this ends up as competition photos at my local camera club the Georgian Bay Photography Club, where I have won top placings several times over the last 4 years. Some work has been forwarded to our Inter-Club competitions and I have placed well there as well. Modest success in competitions has led me to hang pieces in a local restaurant,the Orchid, as well as at the Ravenna Country Market, where they are available for purchase.

I still do my own web design, including writing the code, so this site is a simple design that is easy to navigate and should be fairly quick to load. If you have to wait for some of the photos in the galleries to load it is probably because the page is getting long. This is most likely to happen on the Equine page, where I will post large numbers of images after every equine shoot.

I hope you enjoy looking at the photos. If you find any that you wish to have prints of, visit the Contact/Order page to find out how to order and how much they will cost. A big thank you goes out to all those who have bought photos in the past, as well as to everyone who has made kind comments to me about my work.

All photographs copyright©2020,Catherine Davey/PhotosbyCat.All Rights Reserved.