Most of my photography is what is referred to as "Foxhunting Photography". What that means is that I follow foxhunters around trying to get saleable photos of them doing what they love. I have been fortunate enough to have some of my work used in several calendars and magazines as well as published by Baily's Hunting Directory.

From time to time I get the chance to work on portraits, macros, landscapes... anything that can help me expand my skill level. Some of this ends up as competition photos at my local camera club the Georgian Bay Photography Club. (Sometimes I even do well in the competitions. Sometimes I just end up with some good advice for what to try next time.)

I do my own web design including writing the code so the site is a simple design that is easy to navigate and should be quick to load. If you have to wait for some of the photos in the galleries to load it is probably because the page is getting long. This happens late in the season if I don't take down the proofs from earlier in the season. If this happens, please bear with me, as soon as the season is over I will edit each page down to just my favorites from that hunt.(As I have done recently.)

I hope you enjoy looking at the photos. If you find any that you wish to have prints of, visit the Contact/Order page to find out how to order and how much they will cost. A big thank you goes out to all those who have bought photos in the past, as well as to everyone who has made kind comments to me about my work.

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